5 Steps to an Insurance Claim

  1. Get a roof inspection from a reputable, local roofing company.
    Many homeowners call their insurance company before verifying if the roof has damage. In this instance, this “claim” may count against you. It is best to begin with a free roof inspection and get a detailed inspection report from a reliable, reputable roofing company.
  2. If your roof is damaged, make a claim with your insurance.
    Once you have your inspection report in hand with verifiable damage, you can file your claim on your homeowner’s policy with confidence. Your insurance company will ask if your roof has already been inspected and if you have selected a company for repairs. The company you choose to repair your roof is your choice.
  3. Have your roofer and your insurance adjuster inspect your roof together.
    When they inspect the roof together, they are more likely to come to an agreement about what will be covered by insurance. This will save you a lot of time and frustration and you will be able to get the project started quicker.
  4. Schedule your roof replacement.
    Our Project Managers will give you an estimated time to complete the installation or repairs. Typical roof replacements take 1-2 days, weather permitting. You are not required to be home when the work is being done.
  5. Your deductible should be your only out-of-pocket expense.
    Your insurance company will send you a check for your repairs. Once your roof work is complete, you will pay your roofing contractor.