How often has this happened to you: you finally locked in that listing, have gone under contract, and then the buyer’s inspector recommends that “a licensed roofer should inspect and provide a five-year certification,” and now you are under the gun to get a roof certificate. The buyer is spooked because the most expensive component of the home is now suspect, and you know there is a chance of the buyer backing out or using the inspection to renegotiate the terms of the deal. Best case scenario: everybody signs, the roof certificate satisfies both parties, and the closing happens just a few days late.

And of course there is the worst case scenario: you can’t secure a roofing certificate in time before the buyer is scared away, and you’re right back to square one with the house back on the market.

The thing is, there doesn’t have to be a scenario at all, so long as you know the right roofer to work with! At Just Roofs And Gutters, we specialize in working with listing agents and insurance companies to facilitate quick roofing certifications and smooth closings to put the roof issue to bed for real estate agents once and for all. Our founders have backgrounds in real estate, and are passionate and dedicated to making the property sale process as easy as possible by taking care of your pre-listing roofing inspections!

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